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Ministry of Special Economic Zones

The Minister for the Presidency in charge of special economic zones executes the policy of the Nation as defined by the President of the Republic in the areas of special economic zones. In this capacity, he is particularly responsible, for the following:

  • Identify and select potential sites for the establishment of special economic zones.
  • To promote, assist and develop the activities of special economic zones.
  • Propose, together with relevant departments, incentives to businesses to invest in Special Economic Zones measures.
  • Target, attract and arouse the interest of potential investors for special economic zones.
  • Plan, coordinate and regulate the activities of special economic zones.
  • Contribute to the implementation of new instruments for economic and social development in special economic zones.


Ministry of Special Economic Zones

Name of the Organization

September 15, 2009

Date of Establishment

PO BOX 866 Brazzaville